Smart Construction Platform CaasWorks

Data Driven Construction

CaasWorks opens the digital era of sustainable construction industry
with data and IT technology.

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Switch construction management into digital through CaasWorks.
CaasWorks is a collaboration between related parties, including the management of architectural projects.
We provides everything you need.

Optimal management tool
for construction processes

On-site management is basic, schedule, fund management, and material order.
Please manage it conveniently with one CaasWorks.
  • Increased productivity
    Increased productivity through improved collaboration
  • Remote field management
    Untact field management using video technology
  • AI safety management
    Automated safety management through AI technology
  • Digital architecture
    New construction through advanced IT technology

Increased productivity

Effectively manage the resources required
for the building process.
  • /images/efficiency_01.svg
    You can form contractual relationships between participating companies
    and effectively execute progress payments.
    We provide the ability for all participating companies to participate in a single project, conclude a contract, and pay progress payments according to the contract at each stage of the process.
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    You can manage and share the correct progress by process.
    We provide a function to select a process according to the type of building, calculate and manage detailed construction items and construction periods for each work type based on architectural drawings.
  • /images/efficiency_03.svg
    You can record the contents of the work by process and manage the resources.
    By process, we manage the work contents, human resources input, and materials input by process with images and provide them in the form of dashboards.
  • /images/efficiency_04.svg
    Based on your work, you can check the various data on the process status.
    Visual data, such as the status of personnel by process and the distribution of process processes, can be visualized at a glance on the dashboard.
Productivity improvement through CaasWorks has already been verified.
  • Simplifying public service
    50% reduction
  • On-site visits reduced
    50% reduction
  • Prevention of delay in period
    30% reduction
As of February 2022

Remote field management

Monitor the site remotely and communicate in real time.

site monitoring service

By providing at least one cloud -based video monitoring service for each site, you can see exactly the situation in the field without visiting the site.

・There is no need for a separate network at the site by installing an HD-level LTE-only camera on site.
・It can be checked on PC and Mobile, and the previous video can be viewed as a 1-minute time-lapse.

Untact communication
through realtime on-site streaming

By relaying the site in real time with the site manager's smartphone, you can accurately grasp the site by untact.

・Various participants and experts can manage the field issues at a distance by untact.
・With efficient on-site management, it is automatically recorded, making it possible to manage issues in the future.
CaasWorks App Download
If you use a dedicated app, you can use CaasWorks more conveniently,
and you can get push notifications from the participating project.

AI safety management

Real-time safety management
through AI video analysis
Check the safety items through CNN-based image machine learning
on the video entered from the realtime CCTV installed in the field.

Digital architecture

Inspect the site
with precise 3D scanning technology.
The construction site is photographed in 3D, and each space is explored in three-dimensionally, measured on the video, and 2D drawings are automatically converted.
  • 3D miniature view
  • Tagging at each point
  • 4K quality
  • Exact measurement

Customer case

What happened after using CaasWorks?
Increased sales
Increase in the number of construction cases
Number of construction (Count)
Sales (Billion KRW)
Period in which the service was used
As of 2021
  • It provides 24-hour on-site management cameras, creation of work reports, billing of progress payments, and even a space for communication between the contractor and the owner. It is a service that helps builders trust and find construction companies and contracts.
    Son Chul WonCEO WithRaum
  • As various technologies such as 3D cameras, AI, CCTV, and BIM, which were only in the research stage, began to be applied as practical examples, architectural offices also recognized the importance of acquiring and utilizing related technologies.
    Bang Jae WoongRepresentative Raum Architects Office
  • In the case of a small company like ours, the field manager takes charge of security management or payment. Budget management and payment management was the most convenient and good. It is also good to use various construction technologies conveniently.
    Minho KimManager Middle house
CaasWorks is the know-how of leading companies.
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Pricing Policy

Please use it for free.
We offer a plan for size.
  • Service
    (Chat or phone)
  • Custom consulting
    (By size and type)
  • Dedicated planner's visit
  • Continuous follow-up management
  • Free
    Free experience after professional planner consulting
    부가서비스 무료 체험
    (Real-time on-site broadcasting, smart safety, fire, commuting management, etc.)
    Standard All functions support
    Free experience
  • Standard
    Monthly fee for 1 project
    (A total floor area of ​​3,000㎡ or less)
    Construction daily report management
    Contract and billing management
    Execution management
    Electronic payment
    Milestone management
    To-do management
    Free experience
  • Premium
    Price negotiation
    100 field operators per year
    Standard All Functions
    Discount on major supplementary services
    (Real-time on-site streaming, AI safety management, etc.)
    Consulting support by professional *DT manager
    *Digital Transformation
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  • Enterprise
    Price negotiation
    More than 200 field operators per year
    Standard All Functions
    Provide your custom mobile app
    Provide customized management system
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